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In our FREE eBooks you will find the unique content based on the experience and knowledge of Apriorit Experts.

"Rust Programming Language Tutorial (Basics)"

This is an extensive and beginner-friendly tutorial on Rust, with practical examples, as well as a detailed comparison with C++ that will give you a great understanding of pros and cons of Rust and when it's best to choose it.

"How to Develop Embedded Software Using the QEMU Machine Emulator"

This is a comprehensive guide on creating and using QEMU virtual devices to accelerate your driver and embedded software development. Prepared by practitioners from Apriorit!

"Advanced Kernel Mode Programming: APCs In Kernel Mode"

This e-book was written for developers by Apriorit experts who share their experience working with Asynchronous Procedure Calls (APCs) in kernel mode on Windows and describe what pitfalls to expect. It goes in-depth on how to implement an APC in the Windows 10 kernel, explains the APC delivery scheme, and shows several undocumented ways of working with APCs from kernel mode!

"How to Accelerate Microservices Development: A Practical Guide to Applying Code Generation"

Apriorit experts wrote this ebook to share their experience working with microservice architectures. This guide shows you how to speed up microservices development using code generation tools and connect gRPC-based microservices to a GraphQL client.